We bring life and work together and offer our tenants the office space that already fulfills today the work needs of tomorrow. New beginnings and space to grow at the TechnoCampus Berlin. Connected. Flexible. Energetic.

We believe that life and work go hand in hand. And we believe that in the changing world of work lies a force for the better. Because work is becoming more flexible. It is getting more mobile, more digital, more connected and more creative. We have challenged traditional ideas of work and come up with an architectural response in the TechnoCampus Berlin. We can offer tenants today the facilities and amenities that will satisfy the demands of work tomorrow: Digitally networked, multifunctional buildings. Spacious green areas for working and living. Timeless materials such as exposed concrete, metal surfaces or terrazzo. Kaffeewerk Café as well as two central and beautifully designed staff restaurants HANS & WERNER. A relaxation and sports area, showers and changing rooms for fitness fans and those who come by bike. And of course plenty of space for e-mobility with a corresponding number of charging points. We consistently respond to the needs of new work and create space for new beginnings.

part of the largest urban neighbourhood development in Europe

Neues Gartenfeld as a new quarter in the west of the city
  • An up-and-coming smart urban district with a gross leasable area of 500,000 sq m
  • 3,700 innovative, new-build residential units
  • 2021 – 2029 Construction period
Siemensstadt² attracting international players
  • 73 hectare campus to study, live and work
  • At €600 million the biggest investment in the company’s history
  • Space for 11,000 employees and 1,200 students
  • Completion planned for 2030
Technocampus as a space for new beginnings

The site is already benefiting from

  • the forward-looking project Siemensstadt²
  • various market-leading (DAX) companies such as BMW and Siemens
  • the planned expansion of the former Siemens railroad
  • various project developments with different types of use
Urban Tech Republic as a new innovation hub
  • Development of a new business and research park on the site of the former TXL airport
  • 220 hectares land area
  • 20,000 workplaces and 5,000 student places
  • Completion 2027 / 2040

Perfect Links.


Situated between City West, the upcoming Siemensstadt² and the Science and Technology Park "Urban Tech Republic" at the former Tegel Airport, TechnoCampus Berlin with it’s unique office units already offers perfect links on all counts to: innovation, culture, science – and the urban infrastructure. The campus is within walking distance of public transport and within the business area of various shared mobility providers with the motorway just two minutes away.



City West

#public transport

Bus Wohlrabedamm/Siemensdamm
U-Bahn Siemensdamm
U-Bahn Halemweg
S-Bahn Jungfernheide



A landmark that can be seen for miles around: the office building of the former Siemens factory, built in the 1920s and now the heart of the TechnoCampus Berlin. With refurbishment carried out to meet the needs of new work, we have been able to create a pioneering work environment: digitally networked and with flexible room plans.

From Lufthansa Systems, VHV Versicherung, Netto Group Germany, CRS Clinical Research Services to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund (German Pension Insurance Association), reputable companies and business-related services from the Life Sciences, IT, technology and financial sectors have located here.

parking spaces
m² of campus area
Clear ceiling height in m
  • New Buildings 3D Floorplans


Lease inquiries for office space at TechnoCampus can be made by phone, email or conveniently via our contact form.


Cem Saka
Head of Leasing
Caleus Capital Investors GmbH

Telefon: +49 30 288 778 0

In recent years, the campus has grown to a total of ~63.360 sqm with the addition of two large new buildings designed by the renowned architectural firm TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten, making it one of the most dynamic and innovative places to work in Berlin. From traditional cubicle offices to storage facilities, laboratories, logistics hubs and open plan spaces, everything is possible here. Designed with the future in mind, all units have their own electrical and server rooms, ventilation and cooling on demand as well as floor-to-ceiling windows. It goes without saying that the buildings have an impressive life cycle assessment and are aiming for the highest DGNB "Platinum" certification.


The TechnoCampus Berlin, created from the listed Siemens-Wernerwerk XV building by architect Hans Hertlein, is a tranquil and balanced composition between the existing historic building and a new block which responds carefully to its surrounding context. The quality of craftsmanship and generous sequence of rooms pay tribute to the rich heritage of the site. The historic building is juxtaposed with a similarly cohesive urban form, creating courtyards with green spaces that highlight the campus character. Brickwork, architectural concrete and metal detailing ensure a distinctive technical ambience that embraces the creation of flexible, contemporary and spacious working environments in terms of both design and function.

Sergei Tchoban
TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten

Facility Services


Quality and freshness have top priority. If you eat here, you can rest assured everything is fresh, locally sourced and cooked on site. Whether it’s a simple salad, an extravagant lunch or a healthy snack - Aramark’s "Foodboost" clean eating philosophy leaves nothing to chance for the health-conscious diner. Unsurprisingly, the coffee bar will also win you over. But beware: once you start coming here, you won’t be able to stop.

Credit: Van Baal Interior Design


Indulge yourself. Kaffeewerk Café has the best coffee for miles, because the Berlin Kafferösterei roastery understands its craft and takes social responsibility and sustainability seriously. The freshly roasted and directly traded beans are sourced from the Rainforest Coffee Project and can be enjoyed not just by those who work here, but people who live in the neighbourhood too. Kaffeewerk Café is just the right place to take a break and treat yourself to a delicious coffee and a muffin, exchange ideas or just make headspace for the next project.

Credit: Berliner Kaffeerösterei


Get that holiday feeling as soon as you step outside. Stretch your legs or lie down on the grass and let your thoughts run free while watching the clouds. Nothing could be easier: our spacious outdoor areas are an absolute delight with their beautiful mature trees, flowering hydrangeas and wildflower meadows. They are a chillout zone where our tenants can relax and take time out from their everyday activities.

Credit: TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten


Freshen up! Did you work up a sweat cycling to work? Was the 100-meter sprint to catch your train or bus worthy of the Olympics? This is where you get your freshness back. High-end materials and contemporary design turn our showers and changing rooms into oases of well-being.


Preventive, individual and holistic. Adrian Jannakakidis and his interdisciplinary team from Kinesolutions know all about the causes of workplace-related back pain and posture problems. In addition to comprehensive body and movement analysis and physiotherapy on the treatment couch, they also offer solutions to benefit the long-term health of our tenants. The team of physiotherapists and osteopaths, certified health trainers and movement coaches will also look after you on the strength-mobility circuit and in functional training, both indoors and outdoors in the TraceSpace outdoor training area.


Movement is motivating. The German parkour pioneers Martin Gessinger and Ben Scheffler have designed a creative movement space – a TraceSpace – especially for the TechnoCampus, which invites our tenants to try things out and get moving along with others. People meet here who want to live out their enthusiasm for movement and physical challenges together. Our TraceSpace is not only good for your health: it brings teams together, unlocks hidden potential and brings joie de vivre into everyday life.

Credit: TraceSpace


This is how sustainable parcel delivery works. With MyPup, you don’t have to go around asking neighbours or stand in line at the post office to pick up parcels after work. Instead, all parcels, registered mail or customs shipments are collected at MyPup and delivered the same day by a trusted MyPup courier. All our tenants have to do is go to a smart locker and pick up their parcel. Of course, it is also possible to send items via MyPup. The service is not only practical, it is also sustainable, because it reduces courier trips by 90% and thus reduces CO2 emissions.

Credit: MyPup


Park without wasting time. With ParkHere, the search for a parking space is finally a thing of the past. At TechnoCampus, the smart parking system guarantees a fair, flexible and sustainable parking solution for the users of our 546 parking spaces. Simply register with ParkHere and then reserve your parking space on your way to work. With no need to search for a parking space, you can save fuel and still have time for a relaxing coffee or tea.

Credit: ParkHere


Pointed in the right direction. This is the place to go if you need to find your way around the TechnoCampus. At campus management in the gatehouse, tenants can talk to the right person about all things regarding security matters, or find the quickest way to get to their destination.


Just there and (sometimes) back. The TechnoCampus has long been an important address for shared mobility providers. MILES and Felyx have expanded their business lines just for us. Their solutions guarantee our tenants flexibility in terms of mobility. MILES offers vehicles by the kilometre – mainly electric. Felyx scooters are also emission free and probably the fastest way to get through the city’s heavy traffic. There’s a right way for everyone.


Charge up on energy. The future has already begun on the TechnoCampus, as can be seen by our 118 E-charging stations. E-bike riders can also recharge here. The charging current comes from conventionally sourced electricity from the public grid and the energy generated on campus by the photovoltaic systems and the two combined heat and power plants. They can be used by customers of numerous mobile electricity providers, such as PlugSurfing, EbBW, Go Electric, Audi and BMW Charging and many more.

Credit: Pauline Bossdorf


The future is networked. Which is why we have created our Campus Management App, a great tool offering our tenants quick and easy access to the wide range of services, giving them the opportunity to network with each other or communicate with the campus management. The app will be as vivid as the TechnoCampus itself and will grow unfailingly to match the needs of the users.

Credit: SpaceOS

Where the future
has been a tradition
for 100 years.


Berlin in the 1920s is a laboratory of the future. Whether culture, business or research – the pulsating city is on the upswing and brimming with modernity. In 1925, 4.3 million people live here. It is the centre of the German economy. Thousands of companies manufacture here and a quarter of public listed companies are headquartered in the city, spearheaded by the likes of Siemens, AEG, Telefunken and Osram. The 1920s also ushered in the construction of Wernerwerk XV on Siemensdamm 58 – 65.

The steel skeleton construction and the new functionalist architecture are forward looking and still impress today. Even in those days the location symbolised progress and development; even then, new ways of working were being embraced. The building still exudes this very energy today. Once again, there is a sense of new beginnings in the air, and once again, Siemensdamm 58 – 65 is the go-to address when it comes to success and the future.

Leasing Contact

Lease inquiries for office space at TechnoCampus can be made by phone, email or conveniently via our contact form.

Cem Saka
Head of Leasing
Caleus Capital Investors GmbH

Telefon: +49 30 288 778 0

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